Friday, June 15, 2007

Tree of Life

Eagleville, NV.

En route to a summer festival.

I stopped along Highway 447 to take this shot.
At around 1:30 am... I Shot 2 rolls.

Several cars passed by while was shooting.

Shortly after getting back on the road, one of those passerbys was on the side, flashers blinking away.
-Just as the road hits a winding, curvy, section of highway.

Everybody's alright. (Yeehaw!) No cell phone service. And probably 50 miles from ANY house.
Not the best place to have an axle slip on a uhaul... (but hey where is?).

After running through the options, it turns out one of the unlucky 3, is mechanicaly inclined.
He just didn't bring a tool chest.

Luckily, I packed that along with 90% of my possesions.
We jack the half-empty 6x8 closed trailer off the ground and get the axle repositioned, in a jiffy.

Hugs and smiles abound.

And we are all back on the road again...